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Basic Colors Vol 1 Box Cover

Basic Colours, Volume 1

Published: September 16, 2023
Company: Green Stuff World

Green Stuff World is a company based out of Spain. It specializes in the design and production of tools, paints, and other related products for modeling, crafts, and war games. Green Stuff World has provided IPMS-USA an eight (8) bottle acrylic paint set for review.

In the Box

The paint set contains eight (8) 17ml bottles with nontoxic water based acrylic paints. Inside each… more


Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II

Published: July 19, 2023
Company: Tamiya

A new tooled kit from Tamiya. It is the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II in 1/72nd scale. This is one of those “Must Buy” kind of kits.

In the Box

Out of the box, this kit has gray sprues labeled A-B, C-D and are connected by a single sprue frame. There are two (2) F sprues for ordnance and wheels. The upper fuselage-wing is on sprue G and the lower fuselage-wing is on… more


Texaco Doodlebug

Published: June 10, 2023
Company: Brengun

A new multimedia kit from Bregrun. It a 1/72nd scale kit of the Texaco Doodlebug fuel tank truck from the 1930s era.

In the Box

This kit has six (6) resin poured part stubs, 1 photo-etched (PE) sheet, 1 vacuum-formed (VF) clear plastic windscreen with & without frame moldings, and 1 decal sheet. Instructions are printed in black and white on a single piece of paper. Print… more

Box Art

EA-6B Prowler

Published: December 21, 2022
Company: Platz

A rebox kit from Platz/Dragon for the EA-6B Prowler in 1/144th scale. For 2022, it comes with new decal markings for VAQ-136 Gauntlets and VAQ-137 Rooks and two (2) kits are provided in the box.

In the Box

This boxing has two (2) complete kits. My sample came with 3 sprues (A, B, F). When comparing the sprue count against the instruction sheet, sprue E was missing (which has… more


A-4M Skyhawk

Published: December 4, 2022
Company: Hobby Boss

A new kit from HobbyBoss this year is the A-4M Skyhawk with new parts, specific for the “M” version. Previously released HobbyBoss kits are the A-4E & F in 72nd scale.

In the Box

This kit comes with 6 sprues with two (2) brand new ones that are different from previous A-4 kits (A-4E & F versions). New sprues are D and F. Remolded/Common sprues are B, C & G (2X).… more


F-104, TF-104, CF-104 Landing Gear (2 sets) (Has)

Published: November 9, 2022
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) specializes in white metal replacement landing gear parts for aircraft kits. This review is for the 1/72nd scale Hasegawa F-104 Starfighter from the 1989 original mold and its reissues (which there are several). Two full sets are in the blister pack, so two kits can have metal landing gear. These are drop-in replacements for the F-104 (parts D7, C12, B11 &… more