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May 29, 2022
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Richard Marmo
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Richard Marmo’s 15th e-book is a build of the AMT Tanker Trailer kit but it goes a slightly different route and actually ends up with a What If even though he doesn’t say it.

Is inspiration for this build is the Love’s Truck Stop bright yellow fuel trucks but what makes it a what if is that Love’s uses Beall tankers but the AMT kit is a Fruehauf design.  This bit of knowledge just tickled me so what is in this e-book?

This is a build he did back in 2013 and where things have changed as far as availability, he offers more modern options.  I really like that in a build.

Once he had his inspiration he needed to get more data, especially to make the decals so what did he do, he reached out to Love’s directly and they sent him a nice set of drawings so he could create his own.  By the way, if you want to know how he creates decals he has another e-book for that which I reviewed a few years ago.

Richard takes us through the build of the tanker starting with the frame, then the tank itself.  He gives a nice trick of creating bulkheads to strengthen the tank.  The main build finishes with the suspension.

Painting the yellow is the next step and he mentions how it took several coats to cover.  One trick I have learned regarding painting yellow is to prime with pink, yep, pink.  It gives a more vibrant yellow and the yellow will cover in less coats.

Decals make up the next section and Richard gives measurements for anyone who would like to replicate this bright model.  Then final touches and it is complete.

Another nice and useful reference and he includes a nice blurb on how to join IPMS/USA (though the link is out of date).

Thanks to Richard and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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