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March 12, 2012
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1/35 Trumpeter LMTV

“Cry ham hock! And let slip the hogs of war!” Okay, so I misquoted Shakespeare, but the sentiment is appropriate for the latest Pro Art Models release. As used by US Special Forces, the ‘War Pig’ is a cross between Pimp My Ride; Extreme Makeovers, and the Road Warrior. The War Pig is designed as a communication and supply vehicle for various small Special Forces vehicles deployed in the field. If that seems familiar, think of the LRDG trucks that served a similar support function for the SAS in the Western desert. Basically a chopped down LMTV, the trucks are fitted with a basic set of modifications and then turned over to individual units for final fitting out, depending on mission and the crew.

Designed to fit the Trumpeter base LMTV kit (#01004), the Pro Art Models conversion will provide the base modifications necessary to give you a War Pig sans equipment. Do not be fooled by the deceptively attractive box photo, as this kit gives you only the basics.

What you get

The box is fairly stuffed with Pro Art’s usual light cream-colored resin and 2 frets of sturdy PE details. Everything from brake and hydraulic line to additional storage, fuel tanks, and muffler are included for the frame and undercarriage. A new driving compartment, seats, and PE mounts for the radio set-up are also included. The rear cargo bed is to be detailed with heavy duty rails included in the PE fret, along with a section of tread plate for the rear gun mount (usually an M2 .50 cal or Mk. 19 grenade launcher). Various hooks, braces, mounts, and 2 additional crew seats complete the rear cargo area. Two types of antennas are included, as well as a scissor-mounted M240 served from the front passenger seat.

The instructions are well drawn and clear, and the molding quality is excellent; the details are very crisp and there is very little flash, if any. The conversion looks straightforward and there are some excellent in-progress pictures on the Pro Art website which will be helpful during construction.

What you don’t get

Everything else. What you will end up with is a very well done base truck – no radio, no rear gun mount or gun, no stowage or supplies. This is pretty much how the actual Special Forces Units received them in the field, but they didn’t necessarily have to spend out of pocket to accessorize. In some ways I do understand the marketing strategy, but I am disappointed that, at a minimum, the rear gun mount and radio sets were not included. On the instructions, Pro Art has included the following list of accessories that may be appropriate to complete the ensemble:

  • PAU-35010: US modern radio and satellite communication set
  • PAU-35011: Modern Oil/chemical Drums and Canisters set
  • PAU-35020: US radio set SINCGARS (ASIP)
  • PAU-35023: US modern equipment set 1
  • PAU-35036: Heavy duty cases (modern)
  • PAU-35038: Modern clamping tools
  • PAU-35040: Low pressure gas bottles
  • PAU-35041: Modern ammunition boxes
  • PAU-35042: Modern .50 and MK93 cradle {with gun shield & thermal weapon sight (TWS)} *
  • PAU-35044: PSP Planking
  • PAU-35045: Modern military and civilian backpacks
  • PAU-35046: Modern military and civilian hanging backpacks
  • PAU-35047: Jerry can set for modern vehicles *
  • PAU-35048: Modern equipment set 2
  • PAU-35049: US Special Forces Vehicle communication set *
  • PAU-35050: Equipment set for Special Forces LMTV WAR PIG *

I ended up buying the 4 sets asterisked above from, as well as a resin tire set from DEF Models. Between the cost of the kit, conversion, and accessories, you are talking quite an investment. However, I am looking forward to starting the conversion and completing the build review!

Thanks to Pro Art Models for the review sample and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to discuss it.


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