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August 29, 2018
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Base Kit
Eduard or Gavia 1/48 Lysander

IPMS/USA thanks the Aires team once again for sending us this simple, excellent item for use on a kit, in this case the Eduard (formerly Gavia) Lysander Mk. III. And thanks to Phil and John for obtaining the sets for the team…

This set consists of eight resin parts to replace the kit’s solid, neutral position Horizontal Stabilizer and Elevators. There are two elevators with leading edge, two stabilizers with concave aerodynamic coves for accepting the elevators, and four hinges.

I liked this set because it gives the kit a more natural look.. Even with aerodynamic mass balances at the end of the leading edge tip of the elevators (which is what those bulky “tabs” on the front of the elevator are, (To prevent damaging and even dangerous “buzz” or “Flutter” in flight, which can rip the control surface off), elevators frequently do not have a neutral “sit” on the ground.

They will, however, be put in either a slight down position due to weight and gravity, or alternately they are held in a full-up position by tying the control stick to the back, to prevent more damage… or they have a control lock which usually puts the elevators in a locked position to prevent damage on the ground from wind gusts banging the surfaces back and forth.

I installed the kit stabilizers, which fit very tightly, and you can see they appear a bit lifeless and flat. They will do, but wait… Removing these I inserted the Stabilizers, and learned they needed a bit of slight surgery at the extreme aft of the spar tab to properly fit. The elevator is then installed, and placed in the position you desire. A clean, neat installation, and no fuss. The rivet and panel line detail is very crisp and delicate, worthy of the kit and matching that already on the model. All this, and no ginsu Knife required.

Benefits: Little cutting, no saw work, and an effortless installation. WORTH IT! This set adds life to the otherwise “meh” model tail. It is realistic out of the bag, and worth the asking price. THANK YOU to Aires Aerobonus for the review items… and thanks to Phil for forwarding and John approving my working these sets.


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