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November 25, 2011
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A couple of new products from Wheeliant are two sets of Early Wheel Chocks for the U.S. Navy. They are cast in grey resin and come with simple details to set them apart. The instructions are adequate for assembly but give no painting directions.

Set 132-008, which is the "Blocks with Fixed Bar," comes with some small wire for the release fitting on the chocks. I had to drill and file the holes in the blocks to accommodate the bar. Only took a couple of seconds. Be sure you adjust the blocks to the wheel dimensions you are going to use them on before gluing the release cable and holder (piece # R-4). They are a sloppy fit and require a little more glue than you might expect, ultimately fixing the bar in place permanently.

Set 132-007, which is the "Blocks with Nylon Rope," is a little easier to assemble. I thought the string supplied with the kit would be too short for the project but it turns out it’s a perfect length. When you cut it in half and inset each end in the hole, they work. I did have to drill/clean up the holes for the cord.

I used Krylon Sunshine Yellow for the blocks and Krylon Satin Aluminum for the bars. A light wash of artist oils was used to weather them.

I like these sets and they will thoroughly enhance any jet that they will be used with. Highly recommended and check out their website for other products.

Many thanks to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to build and review these and a special thanks to Aires for providing the sample for us to review.


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