Ju-88 Tail Wheel with Bay

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August 16, 2012
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Revell Ju-88
Company: Profimodeller
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This is the first offering I’ve seen from Profimodeller, who are based in the Czech Republic. It is an ambitious first offering, designed for the Revell-Germany 1/32nd scale Ju-88 kit. This set is designed to fill in the vast open area of the tail wheel well and give you a better looking tail wheel assembly and replicate the internal structure.

The set is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with three Ziploc baggies. The first bag contains the resin pieces which are cast in a light caramel color with no noted defects found. One of my parts was broken off the sprue but it proved to be no problem as it broke off where I would have had to cut it anyhow. The second baggie holds a myriad of white plastic styrene strips and tubing. This is simple enough to separate. The final baggie contains the Photo Etch parts. There are some large parts and some very small ones and they all appear to be perfectly etched.

The instructions are on five pages. The amount of information conveyed is “in depth” so it behooves you to study them before cutting anything. One thing you will notice is that there will be some need for the modeler to scratch build some stuff, hence the white styrene. This is all very carefully explained in the instructions, but this shows that it should be used by an experienced modeler.

When you look at the cavernous opening that is the tail wheel/rudder area you will be amazed at the amount of detail that Revell left out to keep the costs reasonable. Profimodeller fills that area with stringers, longerons, formers, rudder cables, steering and retraction mechanisms. It will also be obvious that this set is designed for an experienced modeler. This should not be the first time you deal with resin or photo etch. That being said there is nothing that is overly hard for the experienced modeler. You will need to invest in metric ruler that includes units as small as millimeters. Again, not a big issue, even for those with moderate experience. Everything should be easy enough to get together with patience.

The designer of this set obviously loved the Ju-88. Some people will be put off by the price but the amount of detail added to this empty area in the kit will prove to be worth the effort for those so inclined. A good first offering, at least to this modeler, I’m looking forward to what else Profimodeller is coming out with. I think we’ll be hearing good things from them.

This product is highly recommended to the Ju-88 aficionado and experienced modelers.Thanks to Profimodeller and IPMS/USA for the review copy.


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