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April 12, 2011
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1/32 - 1/24
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Base Kit
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Specific Instrument Panels

  • AS24NAA – Instrument panel replacement for the 1/24th scale Airfix P-51D kit
  • AS24MEA – Instrument panel replacement for the 1/24th scale Airfix ME-109E
  • AS24SPA – Instrument panel replacement for the 1/24th scale Airfix Spitfire MK1-VI Generic Instruments and Placards
  • AS32USN – Allied WWII USM instruments – 1/32nd
  • AS32USA – Allied WWII USAAF instruments – 1/32nd
  • AS24PLA – Instrument panel placards (US) – 1/24th
  • AS32PLA – Instrument panel placards (US) – 1/32nd

It seems that we have a new player in the decal aftermarket arena…it would be Airscale Decals, and a welcome addition they are. These sheets are designed for specific scale aircraft kits as replacements for the kit supplied decals originally designed to slide into place on the clear instrument panel inserts. The quality found here is, in terms of reproduction of the original instrument, is simply outstanding. Each sheet comes with explicit instructions and in the case of generic instruments, a sheet of thin, clear acetate is included as glass covers that can be with the use of a punch and die set. Also included in the collection sent to me for review is one of the neatest (and most necessary) offerings I have seen in awhile…instrument panel placards in both 1/24th and 1/32nd scale. These are really slick and go a long way to make a more accurate replica.

These sheets are most highly recommended, and I thank Airscale Decals and IPMS/USA for the review samples.


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