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Eduard Fokker D.VII
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Originally when I asked to review these I had the intention of putting them on my Eduard Fokker D.VII Weekend Edition, as you may or may not know that is Herman Goring’s white Fokker. I already built Herman’s plane so I thought these would be a colorful option to the plain white version. I was right they are a colorful option however this review has turned into a non-build version for the simple fact that all four choices in the Lifelike Decal sheet require the dreaded Lozenge camouflage.

Unfortunately the decal set does not contain the lozenge sheets, and neither does my Fokker kit. That being said let’s take a look at what you do get. The set contains decals for four different Fokkers. You get one Fokker built version, two Albatros built versions and one O.A.W. built version. The sheet contains some very colorful options and the decals are very thin. They look to be very well done with a tiny amount of film around the edges. I want to believe that they will go down with very little softener or, if needed, one of the weaker softener’s on the market.

  • Aircraft 1 is for the Fokker built D.VII of Lt. Fritz Friedrichs, of Jasta 10. This particular plane is painted in the green over blue, it has a nice looking crest, and yellow nose.
  • Aircraft 2 is the Albatros built D.VII of Jasta 30. This aircraft has a white nose, white tail, and a white shooting star on a black background. The lozenge pattern covers most of this plane, not just the wings.
  • Aircraft 3 is the O.A.W. built D.VII of Lt. Walter Vogt, of Jasta 54. Another plane mostly covered in lozenge camouflage, this one has a weird looking purple and green mottled nose, and a skull inside of what appears to be a large “U”.
  • Aircraft 4 is the Albatros built D.VII of Lt. Freidrich Vollbracht, of Jasta 5. This is a really neat looking aircraft with a yellow zig-zag down a light green fuselage. Of all the decals included this looks to be the easiest to build.

Great looking decals all in all. My only complaint is that the lozenge decals are not included. I have to go elsewhere to get them so I can build one of these Fokkers.

I want to thank IPMS/USA, and especially Lifelike Decals for this review copy.


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