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Company: Master Box Ltd - Website: Visit Site
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Master Box from Ukraine specializes in 1/35 scale figures, mainly from WWII era. They have released this 5-figure set “German Tankmen”.

In the box you get one single sprue with parts for 5 figures, plus a 200 liter tank, a hand pump and a hose. All figures have the typical breakdown (torso, arms, legs, head). When appropriate the head part has the hat molded on.

All the figures are molded in fatigues, but neither in combat position nor combat clothing. Two of them are cigarettes in their hands and two others are filling up an oil/gas tank, by using the hand pump.

The sprue is molded in light grey and it has no flash. Even the mold lines are extremely faint. Cleaning of the parts would be a breeze. The sprue has no part numbers, but a sprue map is provided with the box, as well as assembly and painting instructions (Vallejo and Lifecolor paints).

The overall detail is very fine and exquisite. The clothing, straps and insignia would look perfect with just a light drybrushing. Each figure has been sculpted with a different face to create a realistic diorama and avoid the “clon” effect sometimes found in figures sets.

Highly recommended.

I would like to thank Dragon USA, Master Box and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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