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July 13, 2014
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Company: Aerobonus - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site
Box Package

Thanks to Aires for providing IPMS USA this set of diorama items for review… We appreciate your support, and thanks to IPMS USA leadership for allowing me to review this item.

One area that seems to have been lacking in the modeling world are diorama accessories. Oh sure, you can get deceased cows, dogs, humans, burned-down buildings… but “where is the aircraft support equipment”? For sure there are some companies out there who deliver, but… we need more!

Enter Aires Aerobonus…. Continuing their esoteric addressing of what can be done with resin casting and a bit of effort…

This set is three boxes. Non-descript, but appropriate for a flightline operation Handles are molded on the ends; there is one latch assembly. Round it off with an excellent decal sheet, and you have a winner. The decals have these boxes delinated for spill response, etc… but are frequently used for other things… The white markings are intended to be “night glow” silver-white, which makes them stand out in the headlights of a vehicle driving toward them.

And why? Because so many young eagle-eyed drivers run over these things if they are not so visible…

Primer paint, then choose between Olive drab, red, or yellow… I have even seen these painted natural aluminum and gray. Razor saw to remove from the pour stub, and you are done!

Can’t say enough here… Thanks again to Aires for providing this review package to IPMS USA!


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