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any 1/35 Wehrmacht WWII figure or diorama
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Modelers of German WW II vehicles and figures will find this latest effort from Plus Model of interest. Packed nicely in the new, sturdy plastic packaging are nine resin pieces of German rucksacks, packs, and field gear.

German troops were originally issued a back pack (Tornister) with a flap made of unshaven calf-skin. There were loops on the sides and top for straps to attach the great coat. Plus model has included one of these packs with a rolled up great coat in this set.

The tornister was not sufficient for mountain troops, who were required to carry more gear, so rucksacks based on civilian designs were issued. During the course of the war, these came in a variety of designs, with two or three outside pockets, with or without integral shoulder straps, and in a number of colors.

Troops in Africa and Russia also found the tornister insufficient, so the rucksack was issued to regular infantry, and by the end of the war, the rucksack had become more common on the battlefield than the tornister.

Besides the one tornister with great coat, there are four rucksacks – one with a metal frame, and a small one with gas mask canister mounted on it. There are also two breadbags, which were worn on the belt, and two other small bags which I can’t identify.

Clean up involves removing the resin plugs and there was some flash in the metal frame on the one rucksack. Then a quick shot of primer and it’s off to the modeling desk for paint.

The rucksacks were issued in a variety of colors: olive, tan, brown, khaki, gray, and white. The straps and reinforcing strips on the flap edges were brown or black leather. Metal buckles and belt hooks were aluminum. The metal frame would be dark gray-green or olive drab, as would the gas mask canister. To get a better handle for painting the rucks, I put a drill through their bottoms to hold them.

As to the smaller bags, any canvas color would be good – brown, tan, olive, gray, field gray. Leather straps on the breadbags would be brown, with silver or aluminum attachment rings. Same goes for the other two bags, which could be captured equipment, or perhaps variations of clothing bags. The tornister had a light olive back with a brown fur covering. The rolled up coat would be field gray with black leather straps.

Detail is good on all pieces. The rucks have integral straps on the backs, and the tornister has a quilted back, just like the original. The rucksack with the frame could be easily mounted on a figure. The small ruck with gas mask could also be used on a figure, if the back was hollowed out a bit. These bags could be randomly placed in vehicles such as half tracks or trucks, and would be appropriate for most eras and theaters of World War II. I plan to add a couple of these bags and rucksacks to completed vehicles.

A nicely done accessory set. Thanks to Plus Model and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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