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Thanks to Mathomodels for this sample.

This is a kit of two average sized wooden pallets used in transporting any number of products by way of some type of fork lift. They would be at home in a base camp, as debris in a modern setting, or in the bed of a truck. With some creative cutting of the parts, they could be displayed as broken or disassembled.

This small resin kit is packed in a zip-lock bag attached to a peg hangar. It includes 8 resin parts to make two compete wooden pallets that scale out to about 32 X 48 inches. Parts are cast in gray resin. At first glance, there appeared to be a very fine wood grain pattern, but this was lost to a coat of primer. There are two upper portions and six bases/legs. There are no instructions, but assembly is completely intuitive. Simply cut the pour plugs and put a tiny drop of superglue to attach the legs at the outer and middle slats.

Once assembled, I primed them in white. One was painted with Vallejo Natural Wood Translucent with some Citadel Earthshade wash in the creases and corners to give depth representing a new pallet. The other was painted in Vallejo dark Sea Gray and an overall wash of Citadel Nuln Oil and some Vallejo White Gray dry brushed to get the effect of a pallet that has been out in the elements.

Thanks to Mathomodels for providing the review sample.


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