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March 6, 2017
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One of the latest releases in the rapidly expanding line of Brassin products is a beautiful representation of the Fokker Dr.1 nine-cylinder Oberursel engine. Consisting of three resin parts and a single photo-etched part, the engine builds up quickly, and will make a great addition to your 1/72 scale triplane!

As mentioned, there are three resin parts in the set, which consist of the engine itself, firewall mounting plate, and a single part that has the intake shaft, magneto, oil pump case, and spark distributor, all molded on. The ignition wires are contained on a single photoetched fret.

I found the construction of the engine relatively easy, but on my sample, the opening in the firewall mounting plate and attachment area for the intake shaft and other components did not match the corresponding raised key on the back of the engine, as they had a lot of slop from side to side. As there is a circle with a small square alignment key, it was still relatively easy to line everything up. I also recommend caution when removing the engine pour plug and flash as I nearly removed the reach rods, not realizing that they were present in the molding.

I painted my engine with a Vallejo Primer Black base coat, then dry-brushed Humbrol Polished Steel, and used Vallejo Gunmetal Pigment to bring out details. The intake manifolds were painted Humbrol Copper, the ignition wires Model Master Acryl Aircraft Interior Black, and everything past the firewall mounting plate received Vallejo RLM 02 Grey Green. The instructions mention Gunze Silver and RLM 02 only.

My hits for this set would include the fantastic representation of the Fokker Dr. 1 engine and its detail (including intake manifolds, push rods, and ignition wires) in this scale. This is a clearly a step above the very basic engine provided by Eduard in their Dr.1 kits.

My only miss is that the instructions fail to mention that to utilize this engine the kit firewall will need to have the existing hole opened to at least 0.176 inches (about 11/64 inches or 4 mm) in order to accept the engine.

Thank you to Eduard and IPMS for the opportunity to review this fine product.


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