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February 14, 2017
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Base Kit
Kitty Hawk
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Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) continues their replacement metal great releases with a set of metal gear for the Kitty Hawk F-2H Banshee. This white metal set is comprised of eight pieces and replaces both the nose gear as well as both main gear legs. Molding is excellent with only a hint of a seam which is easily sanded out.

The main gear legs are direct replacements and are a drop in fit to the kit parts and will provide a nice sturdy base to the plane. The nose gear is a bit more complicated (as is the nose gear on the real Banshee) and is made up of the remaining six parts. I built the kit parts for comparison and I am very glad to have the SAC set as the kit landing gear retraction strut snapped when I cut it loose. The nose gear leg is assembled by adding the strut into the u-shaped part and gluing the retraction strut in place. Use slow setting glue and get this aligned and then zap it to cure the glue. I added one side link in and got it glued solid and then added the link for the wheel and then the other side. As in the kit, there is no locating part for the wheel link to attach to the main strut and I reinforced the join with super glue.

The parts fit and look great and the white metal insures no breakage. Will get these installed in the kit once I bring the Banshee up the project list. Not only does this set give you extra durability but also are less prone to breaking than the kit part. Recommended

My thanks to Ross and SAC for the opportunity to review this set of gear.


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