Propeller with Tool for the ICM Dornier 215

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QB 48622
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Icm 1/48 Do-215
Company: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site

Thanks again to Aires/Quickboost for providing these excellent review items to review; and to IPMS leadership for shipping the item to me…

Once again, a simple upgrade with serious improvement.

Look at the Kit supplied prop and spinner; if used, they will look OK, but you will have a fillet on the back side of the props that doesn’t exist on the actual aircraft.

Look at the difference on the QB prop and spinners when installed. These took all of ½ hour to do.

First, Cut off the back of the spinner pour stub. I used a razor saw to cut around the circumference, then final cut to the center. Easy to do, and WEAR A GLOVE to prevent personal injury.

Next, use the prop and spinner shaft jig supplied with the QB set. Appropriate drill bits were used to finish the shallow shaft hole, then you put the spinner in the jig, and carefully drill out the shaft hole in the spinner from behind. Blow out the fluff from the prop holes, and….

PAINT!. I used Tamiya primer after cleaning off the mold release from the parts with acetone. The prop spinner was painted light green, and the blades, dark Luftwaffe green.

Next: Cut off the props next to the base of the pour stub. Sand down any protrusions, then install the blades one at a time using the tight friction fit to set the pitch. I did NOT use superglue, these were “just right tight”.

Next: you can use the prop jig to adjust all the blades to the same pitch, OR eyeball it like I did. I then superglued the whole thing to the engine drive shaft. (I don’t play spin the prop as a matter of course).

End result… far better than the kit item! 10 of 10 for Aires/Quickboost, once again, and thanks to all for taking care of us builders out here…

This set rates 10 of 10; needless to say I was pleased with this set. Thanks again for the review item, and IPMS for providing yet one more review item!


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