F-16C Blk 50-50 Years of YGBSM

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September 5, 2016
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Tamiya F-16C Block 50
Provided by: Twobobs Aviation Graphics - Website: Visit Site

Wild Weasel. The name alone conjures up thoughts of F-100 and F-105 in Vietnam and F-4G Phantoms in Desert Storm. The pilots who fly these specialized missions walk around with their cajones in a wheel barrel. It is hard to believe that this mission has been around for 50 years.

As is often with these events, an aircraft is painted in a special scheme. The Wild Weasels are no different, only the aircraft is different now, the F-16. This decal sheet depicts this special aircraft of the 20th Fighter Wing on June 20, 2015. Serial number 92-0920 displayed a rather dramatic full color weasel on the tail holding a lightning bolt it’s gloved hand.

The aircraft features an ECM pod on its centerline station along with the latest versions of the AGM-88 HARM missiles on the outer most pylons. Various jammers are inboard of the HARM missiles. Inboard of that are the 370 Gallon drop tanks. The SNniper pod is mounted on the chin as is the HTS pod. AMRAAMs and Sidewinder Xs complete the loadout. All the missiles are CATM types, inert with full electronics used for training the systems.

Inside of a ziplock bag is a 8.5 x 11 full color instruction sheet that is the norm for Two Bobs. The front of the instructions gives you the side views of the aircraft along with the markings for the drop tanks, AMRAAMs and Sidewinders. Color call-outs are also included. This is nice in that it is referenced to the FS color and cross referenced to Testors, Humbrol, Gunze and Xtracrylic.

The backside of the instructions shows the plan views, as well as the SNIPER and HARM Targeting pod stencils. It also features the stencils for the HARM missiles and the Long ALQ-184 ECM pod. If there is any question where any of the missiles, jammers, or drop tanks go, a breakdown is given that shows the location of them. The only thing missing is the 5R position. This is just an oversight since it is obviously opposite the 5L position.

But what about the decals themselves? They are printed by Microscale so you know they are thin, in register, and have good color saturation. There are two sheets. The big one features all of the markings. There is a little errata sheet with the markings of the 50 year patch being reproduced. I can’t see the difference but that is the level of detail and expertise that Two Bobs known for.

A very impressive offering from this decal manufacturer. If you want to add some color to your USAF F-16 this is a good candidate. Microscale printing of the Two Bobs research makes this a winner in anybody’s book.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Two Bobs and IPMS/USA for the review sample. You can obtain yours by contacting them directly at www.twobobs.net or your local hobby shop on online retailer.


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