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December 4, 2016
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Company: Res-Im - Website: Visit Site

This set of wheels from Res-IM in the Czech Republic is a replacement for the wheels on Revell’s 1/32nd scale F-15B or Tamiya or Revell’s 1/32nd scale F-15C. They are different on the “E” version so this set is specifically made for the “A/B/C/D” versions out there.

The set comes in a small sturdy box with the two main wheels on one casting block and the nose wheel on a separate casting block. Casting is excellent and the detail o the wheels include the logo and name of the manufacturer. These wheels appear to be more to scale than the kits as they are a little narrower also. To prep the parts, cut them loose and get rid of the casting plug. I ended up rescribing the tire tread with a PE saw where the casting block meets. Also note that the main gear has the brakes molded nicely into it. I then washed the wheels and primed them with Alclad gray primer. I sprayed the wheels dark gray to replicate rubber and then white for the hubs. I flat coated, added a wash to the hubs and dry brushed the wheels to bring out the excellent raised tire names and symbols. Another flat coat and the brakes were coated chainmail color and the wheels are done and ready to add.

This set is simple to use and well done. For those who don’t like Tamiya’s choice of rubber tires/styrene hubs, this is an excellent replacement. For the Revell kit, this set adds additional detail also. Recommended.

My thanks to all the people at Res-IM for the opportunity to review this great aftermarket set.


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