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These J-79 Exhaust Nozzles (for the Kinetic Kit No. 48083 primarily, and K48090 and K48093, and most likely any F-104 Starfighter that utilized the J-79 General Electric axial-flow turbojet engine) are a recent release by Chinese manufacturer Fab Scale. Fab Scale’s online presence is hard to find with the provided QR codes stating that the site can’t be reached). The same is for the supplier, Warspite Model Company. It is a shame as this three-piece exhaust nozzle set is exquisite!

The sturdy box protects the three pieces, each in their own protective Ziplock pouch. The instructions are the box art which shows the arrangement of the three parts. Removal of the 3D supports with a razor saw is easy and, after a quick wash, ready for assembly.

The photos show the amazing detail with no print lines. The parts are shown in the F-104G fuselage (also works in the Hasegawa F-104 kits), along with the kit parts. Photos don’t do the interior detail justice. The best part is that the exhaust can is one piece, not the two-piece affair provided by most kit manufacturers, thus making seam clean up non-existent.

The nozzle was painted per the Kinetic instructions with the fan blade assembly and can interior in A.MIG 187 (Jet Exhaust Burnt Iron) and the burner assembly in A.MIG 191 (Steel).

This is a great set for detailing the F-104G Starfighter. With the proliferation of both F-104 Starfighters and J-79 engines, the possibilities for the J-79 Exhaust Nozzles accessory set are literally among the stars.

Profuse thanks to Warspite Model Company and IPMS/USA for providing the review sample.

Additional thanks to fellow IPMS Review Corps member Pat Villarreal for his exhaust nozzle reviews that helped me figure out how to get around reviewing a company without a website presence. Pat’s two Detail & Wonder Exhaust Nozzle reviews can be found here: https://reviews.ipmsusa.org/review/fa-18ef-exhaust-nozzles-early-version and https://reviews.ipmsusa.org/review/fa-18ef-exhaust-nozzles-late-version.


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