F-104 Starfighter Landing Gear (Ita)

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Thanks to Ross at SAC for yet another outstanding metal gear set. IPMS USA continues to appreciate the support! In this case, I purchased the gear, because I really needed it.

This set is, again, a simple drop-in replacement gear for the new 1/32 Italeri F-104C. This is the logical follow-on kit to the previously released F-104G/S, and this kit is great. A bit expensive, but the decal sheets are huge Cartograf items with several options. The basic plastic and the few add-ons like the gear was worth my money.

The SAC set contains the entire main gear beam strut area as one unitary item, and a nose gear. Both are perfectly cast and directly upgrade the kit parts.

Installation is easy. Use superglue and press the SAC gear in place. They fit perfectly, and impress with strength and “peace of mind” when attaching wheels/tires to the axles.

As usual, SAC landing gear are an excellent investment. As the kit plastic is a bit soft, the F-104 nose gear, being of the offset strut variety, will over time flex or break. The main gear probably will also splay out. With SAC metal gear, the problem is solved, as the metal will hold up.

Thanks again to Ross and SAC for continuing their production of fantastic landing gear for us plastic lovers!


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