Mig-23M Flogger B Antennas

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Note: the packaging of this set indicates that it is antennas. In fact the details are antennas and pitot tubes.

As with most Soviet designed aircraft, the Mig-23 Flogger has numerous antennas and pitot tubes protruding from the airframe. Trumpeter has included all of them in their nice kit of the Flogger, but there are limitations in the injection molding process and you can only get parts so petite. A challenge is trying to get such small parts successfully off the sprue. PE parts offer a different challenge, being too flat for the scale. With this set, Quickboost provides replacements for most of the antennas and all of the pitots which can be used to enhance the detail or as a backup in case you are prone to shoot small parts off the work bench (hand raised). These are tiny details and I did a close comparison with the kit parts. The QB parts more accurately capture the shape of the pitots, and they are drilled at the end! This second fact alone makes the set worth the expense, having chewed up the tiny tips of plastic pitot tubes in the past. The “T” shaped antennas provided in PE by Trumpeter are more accurately rendered in 3D by Quickboost, though the attachment point is trick on the resin replacement.

Key to the resin parts:

  • 1 replaces kit antenna - part PE15
  • 2 replaces kit pitot - part C32
  • 3 replaces kit pitot - part C22
  • 4 replaces kit pitot - part C16
  • 5 replaces kit pitot - part C6
  • 6 replaces kit pitots - parts L35 and L39

Overall the set is not a great leap in improved detail but valuable for those of us who want more detail or are more ham-handed. Recommended.

My thanks to Quickboost and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this item.


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