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November 12, 2020
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A.MIG-0601 & A.MIG-06
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I asked for the opportunity to try this new product from the imaginative modeling studios of Mig Jimenez. As many modelers realize, Mr. Jimenez has a vast collection of modeling paints and primers. However, with these new Dio Drybrush paints, he has unleashed a great new line of special effects into the world of dry brushing. This new line comes in a variety of 27 paint products which will allow most modelers the opportunity to further our dry brushing skills.

Two colors were initially sent to me to preview: Light Grey, A.MIG-0601 and Panzer Grey, A.MIG-0604.

I quickly set up a model with three different base colors to see my initial impressions and what results I could get using DIO DRYBRUSH paints. I should also admit being reasonably new to the world of dry brushing and recognize I have much yet to learn about this art form.

To begin with each bottle of DIO DRYBRUSH paints contains a reasonably thick paint not unlike their Ultra Glue or Liquid Mask, all of which reminds me of the old ‘Heinz loses’ catsup ads in the 60’s. You’ll grow older waiting for this paint to ‘pour’ from the bottle. These are also in the similar 40ml. bottles. Of the two colors sampled, I quickly found the light grey to be better suited to the armor subjects I sprayed in my samples. I found the dark Panzer grey was better suited to lighter paint finishes which I didn’t really have as an immediate modeling subject.

I followed the steps outlined below in the manufactures’ notes, and found they were easy to follow. I used only paper towels to wipe down the paint. I clean my brushes with a small tub of ‘The Master’s Brush Cleaner and Preserver’ using only tap water and find that leaves no remaining residue visible to my eyes.

From the Manufacturer’s Statement

Drybrushing is an old school technique that has been used by modellers for decades. With it, we try to emphasize the three-dimensional appearance of the different textures and details of our models. Due to its simplicity and quick application, it was used in the movie industry to paint sets and models. For many years it was the most used technique by all modellers all around the globe. Although other new weathering techniques appeared eventually, drybrushing is still widely used for dioramas and groundwork, buildings, science fiction and wargames, fantasy, figures, and military vehicles. It is a versatile and easy to use technique that can produce convincing effects of volume, authentic textures, and highlight details on any model.

AMMO has designed a new paint formula specifically for drybrushing with the ideal density and specific characteristics that make it the best type of paint for this technique. The new DIO DRYBRUSH is the perfect solution for all those modellers who love this iconic technique, arguably one of the simplest and most effective weathering techniques. Simply use a brush of any size, load it with paint, dry it to the touch by rubbing it on a piece of paper towel or a cloth to remove the excess, and then apply it by gently rubbing onto the details of your model to create a smooth, uniform texture.

DIO DRYBRUSH colour line consists of a range of lighter tones in order to impart a worn look on your models, as well as darker shades including metallic, rust, and chipping tones to create a range of dynamic effects.

DIO DRYBRUSH jars have a very wide mouth to facilitate the introduction of all brush types and contains colour for many projects. In addition, the paint is water-based and easy to clean, non-toxic and odourless. These colours dry very quickly to the touch in a few minutes and are not affected by enamel and oil washes.

The application method is very simple and is comprised of only three easy steps:

  1. Dab the brush directly into the jar and load with a moderate amount of paint.
  2. Remove the excess paint onto an absorbent surface.
  3. Gently rub the brush over the surface details of the model to highlight them and enhance the volume.

Overall Evaluation

I have, as I am sure you as well, continued to weed myself away from the toxicity aspects of enamels and find myself intrigued with the many new and expanding range of acrylic finishes on the market. I believe another great advantage of this line of DIO DRYBRUSH paints is their versatility and ease of use, as well as their non-toxic content. In my very unscientific test, I totally removed two of my sample dry brushed sections with a damp Q-tip and within a few minutes had reapplied the dry brush paint.

I have since ordered a number of additional colors and anxiously awaiting their arrival. These additional shades of dry brush paints should allow me to extend the contrasting paint colors when dry brushing models.

After even this brief testing, I found these dry brush paints to be a welcome addition on my modeling bench and thoroughly enjoyed using this paint.

Thanks to Mig Products and to IPMS-USA for the opportunity to try this finishing product.


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