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October 13, 2019
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UMWC 015
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UMM USA (Unique Master Models) produces unique, out-of-the-mainstream tools and supplies, as well as unusual and exciting kits. Each time I go to the IPMS Nationals, the UMM booth is a must-stop venture – there is always something new and interesting, and the busy owner always takes the time to walk you through what he has for sale, and how it works.

This time around we have a set of two silk-covered, copper-core wire that can be used for a variety of purposes. Somewhere between solder and thin copper, the wire is covered by wound silk material that takes paint and CA or White glue, and can easily be bent and molded into form.

For the modeler, this product recreates very realistic hoses for a myriad of detailing situations, such as hydraulic hoses on aircraft, water hoses on automobiles, or fuel lines on armor vehicles The silk covering is what makes these products stand out - applying a clear coat over the silk covering will change its color to a very realistic look and finish. The wire is sold in several different sizes, two of which are represented here.

I highly recommend this UMM USA product for any modeler who wants to add a nice little bit of detail to their work.

I would like to thank the UMM USA for providing the chain for review, and to IPMS USA for giving me the opportunity to work with it.


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