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UMM continues to make and issue tools that their owner John Vojtech has developed and used to make his award winning models. The UMM™ 3D Center Locating Tool Jig is one of those tools. What you get is two pieces of aluminum bolted together so that the bottom forms a v-shaped notch and the top forms a straight edge aligning with the point of the notch. The purpose of the tool is simple, find the exact center of a round or square object. This is extremely handy when you need that center for drilling out holes or attached things exactly on center.

I tried the jig on the bottom of a bust which needed to be attached to a base, and I had to drill and insert a pin to insure its stability. I slid the base square to the notched side and drew a line up the straight edge. I then rotated the jig and drew a second line and “X” marks the center. Perfect. Repeat this for the base and drill and pin perfectly. It also works on square parts. The only limitation I see is that my 2” wide base was about as big as it could go but it will work for any part smaller than that and I was using a 1/6 scale figure kit so it was large.

For anyone considering any scratch building or enhancing a kit with parts, this jig is a required part of your arsenal. For an average builder like me, I believe it is also needed as it will help center parts and will aid in adding aftermarket products. Most highly recommended. My thanks to John Vojtech and UMM for the opportunity to review this wonderful tool.


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