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This is the 2nd “book” in this series. It has an ISBN number (978-83-61421-54-2), but it really is not a book. What you get is a shrink-wrapped folder (made out of glossy, stiff stock) that contains a large set of decals and 4 separate sheets approximately 8 ¼” x 11 3/4” in size (which I understand is “A4” size in Europe). Each of these sheets has glossy, high-quality printing on both sides and is of nice, thick stock.

The first sheet shows all stencil markings on a set of generic Bf109G-10 line drawings (stencils are shown in their respective colors, where appropriate). The verso of this sheet has the requisite “book” publishing information, as well as RLM color chips (printed, not painted chips) with matching FS numbers. Also on this side are 9 line drawings of Bf109 rudder variants.

The next 3 sheets are each dedicated to the specific aircraft covered on the decal sheet. Each page has a “ready to frame” side view of the aircraft, with an informational legend and solid colored border. The verso of each of these has a color side profile, as well as small color upper (and in some cases also lower) profile, to be used as a guide for the decals In each case, the main profile shows the opposite side of the aircraft to that on the backside of the sheet. In addition, there is a paragraph describing colors and some history of the specific aircraft.

The 3 aircraft covered are:

  • Bf109G-10/U4/R2 W.Nr. 770269 (WNF), from 2./NAGr 14, Fuerth, May 1945.
  • Bf109G-14/AS W.Nr. 784993 (Mtt Reg.), flown by Uffz Herbert Maxis, from 13./JG53, Nellingen, December 1944 (this is printed as December 1945, but as the text then goes on to state this a/c was shot down on January 1, 1945, I’m going to go ahead and assume the date to be 1944).
  • Bf109G-10/U4 W.Nr. 612769 (Diana), 101 Neubiberg, April 1945 in Hungarian markings.

Art on all of the profiles looks very well done to me, and the text nicely describes the colors and markings of each Messerschmitt. Showing both sides of each aircraft is a very nice touch, and one not often seen with decal instructions. Even though this is a stand-alone publication and has all the information needed, I would imagine this is meant to accompany MMP’s “Bf109 Late Versions” book. I do not own that book, but I did notice a blurb for it on the inside of this folder, and the profile featured on the cover of that book is one of the subjects of this decal sheet.

The decal sheet itself measures approximately 10 ¼” x 7” and includes all markings and a full set of stencils for each of the 3 aircraft, in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales. On the sheet, everything looks crisp and in register, and the sheet is made by Techmod so one would imagine they will perform quite well. My past experience with Techmod decals has been that they are very thin and lie down as well or better than Microscale decals. My only reservation would be they don’t allow you much time to get them in position before they grab hold of the surface. Position them quickly and they will look great. No reason to think this sheet would be any different than those I have used in the past.

I think this is a nice way to package decals. It may be a bit pricey for just 3 sets of markings (assuming you work in only one scale). Let’s face it – most German late-war aircraft didn’t have an abundance of markings on them. These aircraft only really require a few decals each. But this does allow for full sets of stencils for each marking choice, which is often not provided by other decal manufacturers. And having the accompanying color profiles is a nice touch.

It’s hard to know if you are paying for the color profiles and marking information, and are getting the decals as a nice bonus, or if you are paying for decals that come with a very nice set of markings instructions. I know the intent is really a little of both. Either way, I like the concept. I won’t attest here to the accuracy of the markings themselves, but the quality of the content of this package is certainly first-rate.

Thanks to MMP Books and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this product.


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