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I found this in a local Dollar Tree Store, and thought that it would certainly be useful for any scale modeler. Other similar type stores did not stock the product. It is a small fine point non-toxic felt marker with silver colored ink, and I have found it much more efficient than using a paintbrush to paint fine line on parts of models. It is very efficient in painting the silver rocker arm covers on radial engines in almost any scale, and would also be useful painting cockpit interior details, including structural members and anything else requiring fine silver lines.


This is a small, standard size felt marker, with a silver case indicating the color of ink included. There are other pens in this series, sold individually, providing red, black, green, blue, gold, and probably other colors, and these would also be handy, but the silver pen I thought would be very useful, and I haven’t found one of these before in this color. There is a cover which snaps on, and I would assume that the tip will remain saturated with silver ink for a long time as long as it is covered.


I plan to use this open to detail engines in 1/72 scale models, but I plan to use it any time I need to paint fine silver lines. One advantage is that I won‘t have to clean out a brush every time I detail an engine or cockpit. The ink dries in a very short time, so it is merely a case of removing the cap, painting the lines, and replacing the cap.


I haven’t seen one of these before, and just happened to run across this in a Dollar Tree store near my home. Now I will look over store merchandise more carefully each time a visit a store, and I will probably find other tools and items that will be useful in modeling. For a buck and a quarter, you can’t go wrong.


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