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October 22, 2019
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Template Scriber

UMM USA has come to modelers rescue with another excellent tool, this time, the Micro Template Scriber. As the name describes, this tool is used to scribe using templates to replicate specific shapes being added to a model or to fix what was lost sanding and filling. Modelers have used many things in the past to do this same task- needles, line engravers, etc., and each has their drawbacks. UMM has produced a Template Scriber designed to fix these problems. The engraving tip is hardened tool steel to make sure the edge stays crisp. It is very fine and will glide around the interior of the template. Very importantly, the handle is ergonomically designed and has a grip to avoid slipping and allow even pressure to keep lines consistent.

Use is simple. Place your template in the correct place and ensure it doesn’t slip (taping into place is an easy way to do this). Hold the tool perpendicular to the surface in all axis and initially apply very light pressure as you follow the template's shape. Increase the pressure and repeat until increasing pressure until you get the shape you need. A little sanding to deburr and you’re done.

A quick note on templates. While you at UMM’s web site, they have a fantastic selection of templates here:


One last thing to note, the instructions are very specific about holding the tool perpendicular to the surface and based on my trials shown, it is critical.

This is wonderful addition to the modeler’s arsenal. It is especially useful for scratch building and short run kits where more filling and sanding is required. Highly recommended.

My thanks to Jon and UMM USA for first making such great tool to help modelers and allowing IPMS/USA to review the tool.


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