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This is a review of the Flex-i-File Flex Set #550

Oh man. No engine, no interior, no wheels. And you wouldn’t expect those items in a sanding kit. I ran into the Flex-i-File family at the IPMS Nationals in Orlando a few years ago and was impressed with their products. So I bought a few items and have used them extensively over the years.

I’ve included pics of the package and the package contents. Notice that the sanding sticks and sticks are color matched to a particular grit. Makes life easier.

I’ve other sanding sticks that fall apart after being used wet. These sticks don’t separate and can also be easily trimmed to another shape if needed.

Need to sand the inside portion of a grille opening? Just hook one side of the supplied frame to a sanding strip, put the strip through the grille cavity, and connect the strip to the other end of the frame. Sand away.

The Flex-i-File Flex Set #550 is a fantastic addition to your hobby area tools.

Thank you to IPMS for allowing me to review this kit.


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