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November 20, 2018
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Company: Fundekals - Website: Visit Site

Fundekals is a newer company but the people behind them have been around the modeling scene for years. And they have a new business model. They are aware of the cost of decals and the current trend to have dozens of markings. They have decided on (mostly) one set of markings per sheet and a one-time printing and generally will not include things like national markings. And they do not include the instructions sheets which are downloadable from their web site in PDF form. And, that’s a good thing which you will see in a minute.

This sheet actually covers five sets of markings. Due to the size of the sheet, it makes sense to include five markings especially with no national markings on the sheet, just the markings specific to that plane. The five planes covered are:

  • F-106A, 87th FIS KI Sawyer AFB, Michigan
  • F-106A, 319 FIS Malmstrom AFB, Montana
  • F-106A, 94th FIS Selfridge AFB, Michigan
  • F-106A, 329th FIS George AFB, California
  • F-106A, 159th FIS Florida ANG, Jacksonville Florida

One thing for the buyer to be aware of is that if you need the national markings and stencils, Fundekals has you covered with an excellent sheet of markings, full stencils and complete instructions.

Inside the package, you get one 10” x 8” sheet of perfectly printed decals covering all five markings. The decals are in perfect register and have wonderful color I like the fact that each plane has a nice demarcation line printed on the sheet which makes it easy to cut out and save the remaining markings which keeps them safe for later use.

The downloaded instructions are excellent and give both left and right profiles for each plane showing the location of the markings. The extent of the research is indicated as each plane has a “configuration box” which includes details about type of canopy and wheels, antennae configuration, and many more. It’s a dream for those liking accuracy.

I want to mention on other thing I like. I love being able to download the instructions. For those of us with tablets or even smart phones, we can read them directly off of that and zoom in or out as needed with no waste of paper. And for those that like paper, you an print them and use them that way. I love the option.

For a mere $15, you get five sets of colorful, precisely researched markings with excellent decals. Highly recommended.

My thanks Fundekals for the change to review them. Please visit their web site listed above t check out all their excellent decals.


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