Building the Wingnut Wings Albatros D.V/D.Va

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Ray Rimell
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Softcover, 48 pages, glossy paper, 250+ photos (including wartime), color profiles
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WWI Modeling Special No. 2
Provided by: Windsock Datafiles - Website: Visit Site

This 48 page booklet is the answer to a maiden/builder’s prayers! There are ten parts to the book that cover all that the casual to dedicated builder can desire.

  1. A survey of all the parts in the box.
  2. A D.Va “quick” build for those not so inclined, to an in-depth build for those who are.
  3. Step-by-step instructions accompanied by a plethora of very useful photographs.
  4. A “walk around” section of photos of the actual aircraft.
  5. A “décor” part with 12 alternate color schemes! However, decals are not provided in the kit for any of these.

Part 7 has info for what I would call super-detailing. Again, great photos accompany it with adequate instructions.

Part 9, Decals and Accessories, provides all the material needed for that super-detailing! I’ve already purchased the Pheon decals and the RB Productions rigging turnbuckles!

If the magnificent Wingnut kit can be likened to a gourmet meal, the this booklet is the vintage wine that completes the banquet. Highly recommended.

I’d like to thank Albatros Productions for supplying this book and IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it.


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