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October 3, 2012
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Chris Wood
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Hardcover, 167 pages, 250 color illos, 50 b&w photos
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Company: Zenith Press - Website: Visit Site
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For the past several years, Zenith Press has been producing “owner’s manuals” of famous planes, tanks, automobiles, and I suppose space ships (there is one on the space shuttle). With the familiar Haynes logo in the upper right-hand corner, they appear to be genuine owner’s manuals. It’s a great marketing technique and I am sure many hobbyists and fans find it appealing. The volume reviewed here is on the Boeing 747, the iconic jumbo jet that has been flying for over forty years.

The book is beautifully illustrated with color photographs of the various makes of the 747, though the book mostly concentrates on the 400 series. The book starts with a brief overview of the 747 model from its inception to the latest incarnation, the 747-8 series. From history, the book delves into the various aspects of the anatomy of the 747, concentrating on construction, the wings, landing gear, exterior doors and hatches, and windows. You get the idea.

From the general bits and pieces of the plane, there is a chapter on the engines and various systems of the jumbo jet. The author features information on the three engine models available for the 400 series – General Electric, Pratt and Whitney, and Rolls-Royce. The follow-on chapter is on flight systems that are, in my estimation, the most interesting part of the book. The author, a 747 pilot, provides some insight into flying and maintaining the 400 series. He doesn’t give enough information to fly it on your own, but certainly gives you an idea of what it takes to get this behemoth off of the ground. Appropriately, the last chapter of the book covers recycling a 747.

If you are a civil aviation buff or someone who enjoys modeling civilian jets, this book is for you. While the details of the plane can get tedious at times, it’s a very complete and well-illustrated book of this iconic jet. While there are no color profiles of 747’s in the book, the color photographs provide enough detail to replicate various international airlines.

My thanks to Zenith Press and IPMS for allowing me to review this book.


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