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Arracourt 1944: Triumph of American Armor

Published: June 15, 2022
Book Author(s): Dmitry Mike Guardia
Company: Casemate Publishers

Casemate publishing, a prolific publisher of military history titles, has begun releasing a line of books that focus on huge array of subjects from a single battle, campaigns, hardware, and military units. They are paperback and richly illustrated with contemporary photographs, color profiles, and maps. For many of you, this format may be familiar to other publications that dissect a well-… more


Encyclopedie Illustree Les Trains Blindes, de notre 1825 a nos jours (Illustrated Encyclopedia of Armored Trains, 1825 to the Present)

Published: January 9, 2022
Book Author(s): Paul Malmassari
Company: Editions Heimdal

Heimdal is a prolific French Publisher of military history and is distributed by Casemate Publishing. It is a large book at 520 pages and hundreds of black and white and color photographs as well as contemporary drawings and profiles done by the author. The text and captions are in French, though it appears there was an English version of this work from another publisher. My reading knowledge… more


The Sino-Soviet Border War of 1969: The Border Conflict That Almost Sparked a Nuclear War, Vol. 1 (Asia at War Series, No. 21)

Published: October 7, 2021
Book Author(s): Dmitry Ryabuskin & Harold Orenstein
Company: Helion & Company

Helion & Company continues their series on Asia at War with the first of two volumes on the Sino-Soviet Border Skirmishes of 1969. The author is Russian and it was translated into English. From time-to-time there are some cumbersome sentences and the perspective of the author comes through as you read on. The book is full of contemporary photographs, so they are in black and white. There… more

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Jackal 1 High Mobility Weapon Platform

Published: September 2, 2021
Company: MRC

The Jackal 1 is a new kit from the prolific model company, Hobby Boss in 1/35 scale. It is a unique vehicle from the United Kingdom and deployed to Afghanistan. For those of you unfamiliar with the vehicle, here’s a short description from Hobby Boss, “The British Army has added a category of vehicle to the armored vehicle fleet called the tactical support vehicle (TSV). 400 TSVs were ordered… more

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75 Years of the Israeli Air Force, Volume 2: The Last Half Century, 1973-2023

Published: April 30, 2021
Book Author(s): Bill Norton
Company: Helion & Company

This is the second volume of two published by Hellion covering the history of the Israeli Air Force from its founding to the present. As with other Hellion volumes, it follows an established format. Using a chronological format, the narrative begins where the last volume left off. The text begins with the end of the Yom Kippur War and ends in 2023 with a little bit of forecasting into the… more


Operation DANUBE: Soviet and Warsaw Pact Intervention in Czechoslovakia, 1968 (Europe at War No. 7)

Published: April 19, 2021
Book Author(s): David Francois
Company: Helion & Company

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of spending a week in Prague. Relatively untouched by the Second World War, I had a delightful time. While I had a general knowledge of what happened in 1968, I was not thinking about the sacrifices that the inhabitants of the city made. This volume fills that gap. Hellion Publishing has created a host of series that examine conflicts around the world,… more


Leibstandarte, 1943-1945, (Tome/Volume 2)

Published: March 15, 2021
Book Author(s): Charles Trang
Company: Heimdal

This is a big book! At 591 pages and weighing in at five pounds, in this corner we have volume two of Leibstandarte, the SS Division that was formed from Hitler’s SS body guards. I have not seen the first volume, but the set is a re-release of a previously published book. One of the challenges of this book, is that it comes from a French publishing house, so the text, captions, etc. are all in… more


75 Years of the Israeli Air Force, Volume 1: The First Quarter Century (Middle East @ War 28)

Published: March 7, 2021
Book Author(s): Bill Norton
Company: Helion & Company

The Israeli Air Force has developed a reputation that is legendary and for good reason. Against overwhelming odds they created an air force that would dominate their adversaries.  In a two volume series, of which this is volume one, it covers the origins of the Israeli Air Force in 1948 to the end of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Published by the Helion Company, number 28 in a series that covers… more


The Chaco War, 1932-1935: Fighting in Green Hell (Latin America @ War, no. 20)

Published: March 7, 2021
Book Author(s): Antonio Luis Sapienza & Jose Luis Martinez Pelaez
Company: Helion & Company

From the perspective of the United States, the interwar period, the interval between the First and Second World Wars, our story was insular – the hedonism of the 1920s, the Great Depression, and the road to war. From the US perspective, it was a time of peace. Far to the south of us, there was a bloody struggle between Bolivia and Paraguay over a region known as Chaco. In the newest edition of… more


Velikiye Luki 1942-43: The Doomed Fortress (Campaign 351)

Published: February 4, 2021
Book Author(s): Robert Forczyk
Company: Osprey Publishing

When the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, known as Operation Barbarossa, began on 22 June 1941, it would quickly become the campaign that would destroy the Nazi Empire. Long before the battle of Berlin began in 1945, there were a thousand moments of violence and drama that would define this struggle. While many know the broad strokes of the eastern front, these individual battles within… more