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November 17, 2013
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Provided by: Two Six Decals

The Aircraft

The Boeing 720 is a “downsize” of the Boeing 707, with a smaller fuselage. It was used for short-haul routes where the 707 wasn’t economically feasible. It was built from 1958 to 1967. The 720 was a money-maker for Boeing because all of the development and testing was done on the 707.

The Two Six decal set.

You get markings for one of three Aer Lingus B-720s, EI-ALA, EI-ALB and EI-ALC. The decal sheet is complete down to the little shamrocks on each side of the jet intakes. These are laser printed decals, but they are separated on the backing sheet, so you don’t have to do a lot of trimming and cutting to get the markings off the sheet.


The instructions are a little on the sparse side, but I found a great photo of EI-ALC on, which was larger than the instructions, and gave me a pretty good idea of what went where.

Applying the Decals

The decals were great. I have a rule of thumb about decals that if they take a long time coming off the paper backing, they’re not very good. These were right up there with Cartograf. The decals themselves were able to stand up to some moving about on the plane without tearing, breaking, or folding. Another rule of thumb… If I can do decals, just about anyone can do them.

The Problem

I put these decals on the new Roden B720. The decals are for the Welsh Models 720, and I guess Roden and Welsh have some disagreement about the size of the fuselage. I had to make a ½ inch decal to go between the front and rear sections of the side stripe. Also, the anti glare panels didn’t meet across the area in front of the cockpit. This was easily fixed, as the green panel’s color exactly matched Testors 1124 green.

Overall Evaluation

Recommended. This is the first time I have used this decal brand. I did the Roden 720 as a review, and the markings Roden gave required extensive and difficult painting. These decals are for the same aircraft type, but are complete and quite good.

Thanks to Dave Morrissette for allowing me to review this product.


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