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May 17, 2014
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One of the things that I find challenging about photo-etch seatbelts is that they are difficult to drape properly, especially the pre-painted type. It can be done, but inevitably some paint will chip or the metal just won’t bend properly to simulate the look of real fabric. Well, Eduard has a new twist on belts; actual fabric seatbelts that are pre-painted.

This set comes packaged in Eduard’s standard bottom-opening package. Inside you’ll find a nickel-plated photo-etch fret and a fabric “fret.” The nickel-plated PE features the shiny buckles and bits. There are no extras, so don’t lose them to the carpet monster! Some extra pieces would have been a nice addition. The fabric “fret” is a flexible material mounted onto a fabric backing. With the backing peeled off, you are left with a really thin fabric seatbelt. Another advantage of the fabric is that the belt is the proper color on both sides and it won’t chip.

Next, you’ll thread the buckles onto the belts. This sounds simple enough, but you will need a sharp knife, tweezers and most likely, an OptiVISOR. The fabric adheres well with just a drop of superglue. Once assembly is completed, all you have to do is drape the belts in a realistic fashion on your seat, and then secure them with another drop of superglue.

Perfect look, no chipping, realistic drape, and metallic buckles… this is what I am looking for in a seatbelt! I highly recommend this set. Keep in mind that the assembly will take some skill and dexterity, but it is within the grasp of most intermediate modelers. I hope they do additional belts for other airplane and helicopter models.

Thanks to Eduard for providing the set and to IPMS/USA for the chance to review them.


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