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Italeri 1/48 Hurricane Mk. I
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Quickboost has released several items to enhance the Italeri Hurricane. Among them are these “drop-in” replacement parts for the gun barrels. They are very nicely rendered in medium grey resin, with crisp panel lines and good depth for the barrels.

During construction, however, I ran into problems. The replacement parts are a bit too wide to fit in their slots in the wings. Maybe the problem is due to my construction of the wings, but neither the starboard nor the port gun barrel would fit.

I’ve measured the slots and the resin parts and maybe the problem is that both the replacement parts and the slots have the exact same width (20.0 mm, measured with a caliper). Perhaps the resin parts should have been a tad narrower to be able to fit in the slots?

It could be possible to file the wing slot a bit, as to make the resin parts fit, but that would require some filler and sanding to blend in the resin part which has a different hardness than the surrounding plastic. Honestly, if I have to do that, I rather use the original plastic parts as their fit is not that bad – not perfect, either – but would allow me to have the same hardness on both sides of the filled seam.

There is the chance that I did something wrong on the construction of the wing, but I’m afraid I have to offer a big word of caution in working with this replacement part. It is very nicely rendered, but it would require about the same work (if not a bit more) than using the original plastic parts.

I would like to thank Quickboost and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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