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February 22, 2013
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Base Kit
H-K Model 1/32 B-25 Mitchell
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The set consists of three photo etch sheets. Two of these are unpainted brass color the other is pre- colored for you. You get parts to replace and also detail the upper turret and the rear gun position. Also included are parts to replace the front and rear entry hatches and ladders. Additionally, there are new shelves for the waist gunners’ ammo boxes and new ammo boxes to sit on them. The final parts are new gun barrels for the many machine guns (13 in all).

The instructions are quite adequate in explaining the bending and placement of the details. They also tell you what you have to remove on the existing parts so they will fit.

There are a couple of details that I found to be a little difficult in attaching. These are the new crew entry hatches. You have to place them inside one side of the fuselage, and getting them to line up when both sides of the plane were put together was a little hard. Also, the new gun barrels were really hard. I tried a couple and completely botched them up. I ended up replacing them with a different aftermarket set that had the barrels made from turned brass castings.

I painted the assemblies before applying the pre-colored photo etch.

The down side of these beautiful detail sets is that once the plane is completed it is hard to see all the work you have done. But I know they are there, and if you look real real close you can see them.

HIGHLY recommended. One should have experience working with photo etch and using ACC glues or epoxy.

Thanks to Eduard for providing us with such a nice detail set, and thanks to IPMS USA for giving me the opportunity to review and build it.


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