Arctic Bf 109 and Bf 110 Aces

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November 12, 2016
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Author: John Weal Illustrator: Chris Davey
(ePub) 9781782008002 (pdf) 9781782007999
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softcover, 112 pages, 57 black-and-white photos and 8 color plates with 32 color profiles.
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ACE 124
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From the publisher: Once Nazi Germany had conquered Norway in 1940, just a handful of Luftwaffe Gruppen flying Bf 109 and Bf 110 fighters were able to dominate the air in the Arctic Circle. Yet as the dual threats of the Royal Air Force and Soviet air force grew, the Luftwaffe was forced to increase its fighter presence to full Geschwader strength with the formation of Jg 5 Eismeer (ice-sea) in early 1942. The struggle produced some of Germany’s leading aces, with pilots such as Theodor Weissenberger, Heinrich Ehrler, Walter Schuck, Franz Dörr, and Jakob Norz all achieving more than 100 victories.

John Weal has authored a great representation of the Aircraft and Aces that made up JG5. In the beginning of 1942 JG 77 was redesignated and formed JG5 to operate in the region around the Arctic Circle. This books gives detailed first-hand accounts of the aircraft and aces that where given the task by Hitler to take control of the area along the Finnish-Russian border and to keep control of the assests that had already been taken.

From the first days in early 1942 to the withdrawl in 1944 you will be mesmerized by the real life accounts of the task that was at hand not only by the men but the machines they were in control of. This book is filled with real accounts and excellent archival photography that has not been published in previous accounts, not to mention the 8 color plates, and 32 color profiles of the aircraft that was used at Petsamo, Finland and Kirkenes, Norway.

Even though it seemed like a struggle at times, but JG5 produced several aces with over 100 kills that included Theodor Weissenberger, Heinrich Ehrler, Walter Schuck, Franz Dörr, and Jakob Norz. If you are a fan of Bf 109’s and Bf 110’s as I am you will find this a great addition to your library for not only great color profiles of these aircraft but the history behind the men that flew them.

This book is highly recommended and I would like to thank Osprey Publishing for providing this book to IPMS USA for review.