Consolidated B-24, Vol. 2 B-24G to B-24M

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May 18, 2019
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David Doyle
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Size: 9″ x 9″ | 291 color and b/w photos | 128 pp| Binding: hard cover
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Company: David Doyle Books - Website: Visit Site

This release is Vol. 2 in the Legends of Warfare-Aviation series and covers the B-24 G to the B-24M in nine chapters. There are hundreds of photographs (actually 291 color and b/w photos) in this 128-page publication. The photographs coverage of the B-24 (and derivatives) inside and out. Those who wish to build a highly detailed model of the B-24 will find this publication an excellent and comprehensive resource.

The stunning images are accompanied by a few paragraphs that describe the distinct features of the B-24 variants that are covered (see those variants lists in the Table of Contents below), and with informative captions for each image.

As an example, I found the image and caption on page 11 to be highly informative and interesting. As it turns out, the Willow Run plant produced a “kit” of the B-24H. The B-24 sub-assemblies, apparently, were assembled at Willow Run and then the component assemblies were shipped to the final-assembly plants to be fully completed. The aircraft was shipped to final-assembly plants in Texas or Oklahoma. The image would provide reference for a rather interesting diorama!

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - B-24G
  • Chapter 2 - B-24H
  • Chapter 3 - Liberator VI
  • Chapter 4 - B-24J
  • Chapter 5 - F-7A/B
  • Chapter 6 - C-109
  • Chapter 7 - PB4Y-1
  • Chapter 8 - B-24L
  • Chapter 9 - B-24M

Regardless of which of the above variants interests the reader, there are plenty of photographs of that variant, and descriptions to match that will more than meet expectations. In fact, the only scratch on the glass in the entire book are a couple of typos on page 7. There are two references to a B-25G-1-NT and B-25G-10-NT, and, clearly that should read B-24G….etc.

This book can be purchased at There is an offer of free shipping on orders of $50 or more shipped to U.S. addresses. A brief preview of the website will most likely generate an interest in other titles that will meet that $50 limit.

Thanks to David Doyle for providing this excellent publication to IPMS-USA for review.

This book is highly recommended for providing an excellent “history of the B-24 to B-24M, a wide assortment of photographs that provide excellent reference materials, and all this at a very reasonable price.


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