AN/ALE 39/47 Countermeasures Dispensers

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Modern helicopters, transport aircraft and fighter aircraft
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The AN/ALE-39 & 47 Counter Measure Dispenser System (CMDS) carries a variety of flares, chaff and radar jamming expendables. Typically, these dispensers are carried on modern helicopters, transport aircraft and fighter aircraft. The AN/AAR-47 Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS) can be set automatically to initiate flare launch.

Brungen produces a wide range of unique resin and photo-etch accessories in 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 as well as 1/144.

This item covers a unique subject that will assist outfitting a wide variety of aircraft. There are resin chaff/flare dispensers produced for a specific subject complete with their entire mounting per subject. This accessory will allow the modeler to add it to kits where fidelity is poor or completely missing as well as add it on aircraft kits that a version specific resin update is not available.

Packaged thin film bag with cardboard backing, there is one set containing ten identical dispensers with photo etch bezels. There is a very slight texture that can be seen in the photos but that will vanish after any sanding or after paint is applied. The holes for the flare/chaff are shallow but deep enough to hold paint so those features stand out. There is a single sheet instruction indicating the hole size to cut that will accept the resin dispenser.

Adding these to an existing model or scratch building pylons or custom mounts, these dispensers will be a lifesaver. As standard practice, check your references on what color to paint the openings. For comparison, you can see on the Hasegawa F/A-18G which being a newly released kit have nicely detailed dispensers. For older kits or ones that the dispensers do not exist, or have the wrong quantity, this set is a must. This set specifies modern USN or USMC aircraft but check your references to see if it will match other aircraft in different branches of the military. Special thanks to Brungen for this very nice set.


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