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All new from the elves at Alclad II, a new line of finishes (this time, enamels with a mineral spirits base) primarily for automobiles, and trust me when I say, you need to try these for yourself. First up, a bright silver base has been created that may be sprayed DIRECTLY on to the plastic, without primer. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical until I tried it, and it is, without a doubt, exactly as advertised. Images show not only the various colors as painted on a series of 34 Ford Coupes, but also an effort of my own on an old “Snaptite” Monogram Corvette, further referred to as the “Candy Dish Corvette.”

This shows all the available colors on one car to advantage. I have used in the past some of Alclad II’s tinted or “hot metal” finishes which were lacquer-based, but this product, as I have stated, is an enamel base and can be applied without fear of “crazing” the plastic underneath. It also has some of the best “flow out” capabilities I have ever seen. I sprayed these colors at 18psi through a Paasche “H” model airbrush as follows:

  • First coat (tack coat) dusted on and set aside for 10 minutes.
  • Second coat sprayed with the nozzle opened up to cover a greater area
  • Continue until you have reached the depths of color desired.

These will dry in about one hour, but to be on the safe side, I let them dry overnight. The next morning, the finish was flawless, without need to overspray with clear or polishing out at all. While I am not a car kit builder, these colors have caused me to drag some of my collection out of the stash just to apply these colors. As always, these finishes are pre-thinned and, with a good shaking, they are air brush-ready to apply.

The following colors are available now:

  • Bright silver candy lacquer – MSRP $ 8.65
  • Candy red enamel – MSRP $ 7.50
  • Candy ruby enamel – MSRP $ 7.50
  • Candy orange enamel – MSRP $ 7.50
  • Candy lemon yellow enamel – MSRP $ 7.50
  • Candy golden yellow enamel – MSRP $ 7.50
  • Candy bottle green enamel – MSRP $ 7.50
  • Candy Emerald enamel – MSRP $ 7.50
  • Candy Electric blue enamel – MSRP $ 7.50
  • Candy cobalt blue enamel – MSRP $ 7.50
  • Candy indigo enamel – MSRP $ 7.50
  • Candy violet enamel – MSRP $ 7.50

Be sure to visit their website above. Many thanks to Tony Hipp, not only for the review samples, but for his dedication to make scale modeling an enjoyable place to be. Keep up the good work, please! Also, thanks to IPMS for allowing me to present this new product to the modeling world at large.


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