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Wingnut Wings Albatros D.V
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The boys from New Zealand have again moved forward with their line of World War I products. This time it is the release of a series of decals sheets intended for kits already on issue. These decal sheets are of the same quality as the kits from this manufacturer and are printed by Italian company, Cartograf. Cartograf is well known as a premier decal printer and these are no different. If you want something other than the kit supplied decals then any of these kit specific sets will suit your needs.

This specific set represents 5 different aircraft from JG1 “Flying Circus”, which was a mobile group of machines piloted by, ostensibly, the best pilots in the Imperial German Army Air Service (Luftstreitkrafte). The term “Flying Circus” rises from the colorful schemes of each pilot’s aircraft. This decal set contains markings for the following 5 pilots:

  • Albatros D.V 1154/17, Max Ritter von Muller, Jasta 28
  • Albatros D.V 2329/17, Otto Fruhner, Jasta 26
  • Albatros D.V 2359/17, Otto Hohmuth, Jasta 23b
  • Albatros D.V s/n unk., Otto Konnecke, Jasta 5
  • Albatros D.V s/n unk., Karl Meirdirks, Jasta 12

Each represented aircraft includes a description and specific comments on detail differences of the each aircraft. The descriptions also include a brief pilot combat career history which adds greatly to the interest of the sets. It’s nice to know a little something about the specific model you build and show. Makes you look smart!

The instruction sheets included not only show the decal locations but also show painting guides for each specific aircraft. A paint chart matrix on the back page (4) lists paint colors for Tamiya, Humbrol and Misterkit. It is also noted on the back sheet that Decal Products 30001 5-color Upper Lozenge; 30002 5-color Lower Lozenge patterns and also product 30005 German Rib Tapes for Lozenge would be advised. Of course these are sold separately at $12.50, $12.50 and $7.50, respectively. Only a masochist would want to paint the lozenge patterns when these sheets are available.

My experience with the kit supplied decals for Wingnut Wings kits has been very good and with a properly prepped surface and the use of Micro-sol or other products will be invisible after application and overcoating.

I built 2 Wingnut Wings kits before the release of these optional sets and look forward to having other choices. The prices seem a bit high for me because I am old enough to remember when a $10 decal set was pricey. In today’s market the price is competitive and fair compared to like products. Also, the price is inclusive of air postage from New Zealand to the U.S. That makes them a good buy, indeed.

Having experience with Wingnut Wings products and decals, I can say, unequivocally, “highly recommended”.

I would like to thank Wingnut Wings and IPMS/USA for this review sample and am looking forward to using them on my Albatros D.V kit.


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