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July 7, 2019
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Eduard’s latest addition to the Brassin line of resin aftermarket pieces for 1/32 scale jet aircraft is a set of two AIM-120C AMRAAM medium-range missile. The C version of this missile started making operational use in 1996. That means this missile is appropriate for jets past 1996. It featured extended range and homing improvements over the A/B version. Each box contains parts for two missiles with the option of making a training or tactical version. Inside the package, you’ll find 26 pieces of perfectly cast resin with options of two different heads and two different motor sections. There are also decals included for both versions.

So, first decision- tactical or training. Use the following parts for the one you choose:

  • Training - R24+R26+R27
  • Tactical - R24+R25+R28

Once you have decided, make sure your cuts on the seeker head are straight as well as the cuts on the selected engine section are flat. This will prevent any seams. The difference between the tactical and the training version are that the tactical has a longer pointer nose and hollowed out the rear. Join the seeker head of choice to the body and then the engine section. I filled any seams with glazing putty and smoothed with lacquer thinner and let dry. The fins fit so well, they can be added after painting and decaling. Once dry, everything was primed with Alclad gray and let to dry.

Painting is simple, the main body is FS36375 Light Ghost Gray. The fins are listed as steel- a dark metallic gray. The body was masked off and the white nose cone painted. A couple of silver parts are located on the top of the missile and these were painted.

Decals are next, and they are also different between tactical and training so make sure you select the correct decals. They went on without any issues using only water. There are over a dozen on each tactical missile. Once dry, a pin wash was added of dark oil. This was allowed to dry and the fins were added. A last flat coat and the missiles were done.

These missiles are wonderful. They have exquisite detail, great markings and are a definite upgrade from most kit decals. Recommended.

My thanks to the excellent people at Eduard and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this great aftermarket set.


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