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November 11, 2018
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Base Kit
User of the SNIPER pod of this variant (F-18, A-10, etc.)
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IPMS/USA thanks the Eduard team once again for sending us this simple, excellent set. And thanks to Phil and John for obtaining the sets for the team…

An extremely simple, but useful upgrade of any kit needing this pod. Consisting of a resin main body, a resin seeker head, and two different tail vent plates in Photoetch, I had this one knocked out in a couple of hours. First is minor prep; removal of the seeker head was simple, and the same for the main pod body. Careful use of thin superglue ensured the end plate stayed in place, and the seeker head just snaps into place.

I primer painted the body after attaching the end plate, and the same for the seeker head. I then painted the pod and head with gunship gray 2 from Tamiya’s rattle can. Leaving it for a couple of days to cure, I found the paint’s slight sheen readily accepted the decals. A light coat of flat, and some slight detail work in the form of chrome pen paint on the seeker lenses as backing, followed by using Clear yellow/orange Tamiya mix for “sandy yellow”, and Tamiya clear blue for the other side. (careful work yielded no requirement to clean them up). Some light silver latch work, and you are done and ready to mount on the carrier aircraft of choice. No 1/32 B-52’s out there for this one… yet. Build your hangar now… as for the available users of this pod, you can display the seeker head in protective retracted (lens hidden to the rear) side forward, or ready to find the target with lenses forward. Unlike other pods, you cannot rotate the seeker head assembly for that in-flight targeting option, but it’s ok by me.

This completes this build… fantastic! Full marks to Eduard for listening to what we desire out here in building land, and providing more ways to empty our bank accounts. …also thanks to Phil for forwarding and John approving my working these sets.


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