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December 1, 2011
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Griffon Model has recently come out with a new product which is designed to be used with any kit. It is a six-round 3.7cm clip for the Flak 36/37 German anti-aircraft gun. Included are four frets of photo etched parts taped to a piece of black cardboard with an included instruction sheet and a few color photos to show what the finished product should look like. Each ammo clip is made up of seven pieces: six clips and the attaching tray. There are ten of these trays with extra clips included just in case of loss or breakage. Assembly is straightforward and relatively easy.

Instructions are clear and concise and show how each clip is folded into a “U” shape and then the sides are rounded to conform and clasp the shell. These completed trays can be attached together or left apart. The trays can be shown empty, or with either spent or unspent rounds. The shells are not included and I would suggest buying them, as the plastic shells that are included in kits don’t really look as good as the brass shells. Griffon supplies the correct shells at a very affordable price. HE ammo shells (MA35006) or AP ammo shells (MA35007) can be purchased separately.

I highly recommend these ammo clips but photo etch experience can help to make these look like the real thing.

My thanks to Griffon for supplying these items for review and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this kit.


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