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August 31, 2014
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Over the years of my modeling enjoyment one of the questions I am often asked by fellow modelers is, why did you buy that”? Usually these questions are in reference to a specialty tool (pinvise, punch and die, or hex punch) or specialty item (metal barrel, decals, or resin sets). My standard response has always been the same. This is a hobby and by its nature is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. Any item that I see as a way to make it more so is usually worth the price.

This new release from True Details definitely fits that bill perfectly. You get four sets of 16 different styled connectors. For the Ultra detailer, this is the cat’s meow in saving time. Depending on your use and ability, you can drill these out to handle one or several cables. Some of the larger connectors on my sample contained air bubbles but this could work to the builder’s advantage as you don’t have to drill out the connector to accept the cable.

I am reviewing another item and was looking through my Academy M163 kit and remembered the four electrical cables quick-disconnect couplings that are located on the drivers firewall and realized this would be a perfect use for these items. In fact, you can actually cut these in half and only use half the number of connectors to detail out your M113 engine compartment. This of course is true of all of the connectors. It basically boils down to using what you need.

These items are listed as 1/32 and 1/35. However, they have applications in many other scales as well. There are probably several of these that would work well in any of the automotive scale applications and for those die hard scratch builders this is just a way to make your work quicker and easier.

I would like to thank True Details for coming up with this nice set and Squadron for providing the review sample. This is a great addition to have in a model builders bag-o-tricks. Thanks also to IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it. Go out there and pick up one or several of these sets just to have in case of the need.


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