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August 28, 2014
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Company: True Details - Website: Visit Site
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Run 1/16 in the search bar on eBay and you end up with like 122,221 returns. Click on the Toys and Hobbies sub-category and there are 29, 317 results. I actually used this feature to see how many armor kits were available for use with the 1/16 scale Nuts and Bolts set from True Details. As this is a resin aftermarket set, it has more applications than just for the armor model builder, including the many die-cast farm equipment items, as well as older large-scale automotive models. Many of the die-cast items were listed as collectibles and carried a hefty price tag. Almost all of the listed items could definitely be improved with some or all of the items included in this new release.

You get 80 items in the set. This seems like a lot, but you have to keep in mind that there are only 12 of each type of item. As I have no calipers, I have no idea of the size or diameter of the nuts and bolts that are portrayed in this set. On the resin backing plate are two distinct sizes (large and small). As you can see in the picture, you get a great assortment of nuts and bolts. There are several nuts offered and several different sizes of bolts with nuts attached. These all have useful applications to the model builder. However, if I had designed the items, I would have offered these up a little differently, by releasing each item as a full set or sheet. This way the builder would have gotten 80 of the same item. The way the mold is done, there is a possibility that this might be the case in future releases. We will have to wait and see.

The bolts and nuts all have thread detail inside and out, and not a single item was marred by an air bubble of any kind. This kind of detail adds greatly to the overall look of any finished project a builder might use them for. The 1/16 scale size does limit their use to certain scale model building, as even the smallest bolt head is the same size as the hand of a 1/35 scale figure. However, there are more than just armor model building applications that these items can be used for.

I would like to thank True Details and Squadron for releasing and providing this set for review. This is neat addition to the model builder’s available resources, and the applications should not be limited to just the 1/16 scale listed on the package. Many thanks to IPMS/USA for allowing me the treat of reviewing this set. Check out Squadron’s website and pick up a set or two of these nuts and bolts.


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