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February 16, 2018
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Brengun, based in the Czech Republic, is known for producing a range of photo-etched and resin accessories for airplane models. They also produce a small number of 1/72nd and 1/144th aircraft model sets. One of their latest airplane kits is the North American A-36 Apache. With the release of this new kit, they have added a number of accessories for it including additional photo-etch details, a vacuform canopy, and these painting masks for the canopy.

The A-36 Apache was a dive bomber version of the P-51 Mustang. It was based on the fuselage of the P-51A, but with completely redesigned wings strengthened to support the added stress of dive bombing. Since the main difference between the P-51A and the A-36 is the wind design, this mask set would work with both the P-51A and the A-36. I used mine on the A-36.

The masks include a small instruction sheet with simple drawings to show which panel each part fits to, and it is very straightforward to use. Unlike some other masks, these ones are not vinyl, but are a thin tape material. As such, they come off their sheet with ease and if you don’t get one perfectly, you’re able to reposition it. I’ve found that other company’s vinyl masking isn’t as forgiving.

The masks lined up perfectly with the Brengun canopy, and worked flawlessly. These are a highly recommended product.

Thanks to Hauler-Brengun, and the IPMS for this review model.


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