BAe Hawk Mk.1 Pitot Tube

Published on
August 9, 2011
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1/72 & 1/32
Product / Stock #
AM-72-020 & AM-32-034
Company: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Master Model - Website: Visit Site
Kitset Part

We’ve come a long way in aircraft modeling when you can find a company dedicated to making after market pitot tubes for specific subjects in different scales. Way back when, a straight pin instead of a kit piece was “advanced modeling.” My review is for both the 1/72 and 1/32 versions of this product. Master has provided us with an exquisite, turned-metal replica of the BAe Hawk pitot tube. It perfectly captures the two stage taper and bulged end of the real thing. Though you can easily see this in 1/32 scale, it is also the same for the 1/72 scale copy.

Master made it easy for us modelers to mount the replacement pitot tube since there is a peg protruding from the back of the pitot that fits into a hole on the model. Just add some CA glue, insert the part, and you’re all set. The package includes a small sheet showing the size drill needed for the hole and the location for the new part.

The 1/72 Airfix Hawk Mk.1 provides a pitot tube that is a simple, straight plastic rod and not very accurate. This product really adds some pizzazz to the kit with its realistic shape. I would say this effect would be even more pronounced in 1/32 scale. Also, with more realistic replacement parts now available, you can scoff at the “Carpet Monster.”

I’d recommend this product to any modeler who wants to add even more realism to their kit. Check out Master’s website for their complete product line. Thanks to IPMS/USA and Master for the opportunity to review this neat little part.


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