A-26 Invader Propellers, Propeller Reduction Casing and Wing Gun Barrels Type B; B-26B-50 Gun Turret

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October 28, 2020
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Company: Quickboost - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site

Quickboost, a Czech Republic manufacture of after-market resin bits, has added to their offerings to enhance the ICM Holdings series of 1/48th scale A-26/B-26 aeroplane model kits.


  • Invader Propellers - QB 48-936
  • Gun Barrels - QB 48-949
  • Reduction Casing - QB 48-953
  • Gun Turret - QB 48-950


  • Invader Propellers - $11.00
  • Wing Gun Barrels - $8.00
  • Propeller Reduction Casings - $11.00
  • Invader Gun Turret - $9.00

Quickboost, a Czech Republic manufacture of after-market resin bits, has added to their offerings to enhance the ICM Holdings series of 1/48th scale A-26/B-26 aeroplane model kits. Among the items designed specifically for the ICM kit(s) are :

  • Wing mounted air intakes (#48-930)
  • Engine exhausts (#48-952)
  • Propellers (#48-936)
  • Wing gun barrels (#48-949)
  • Propeller reduction casings (#48-953)
  • Invader gun turret (#48-950)

There are a number of other resin items (engines, gun pods, etc.) that are designed for the older 1/48th scale Revell/Monogarm kit but there isn't any reason why a crafty individual couldn't adopt them to the ICM Holdings novelty. That being said, the subject of this review includes only the propellers, wing gun barrels, propeller reduction casings and Invader gun turret.

All of these after-market bits are beautifully cast in grey resin and are direct one-to-one replacements for the kit supplied parts. In fact, the reduction gear casings are the only one of this quartet that has any assembly instructions. As far as that assembly is concerned, carefully remove any pour stubs, do the odd bit of sanding and fine tuning of the fit and attach the item to your build during the appropriate step. It should be noted that assembly of these bits is somewhat intuitive so they may not be suitable for the novice builder without adult supervision. [Finding an adult could be problematic. :)]

The propellers (#48-936) include the blades as well as the hub. Assembly is simply matter of removing the blades from the sprue and inserting them into the hub. The blade attachment points are designed with the proper pitch integrated into the assembly. Very cool...and fool proof!

The resin bits for the wing mounted guns (#48-949) are, as the others, one-to-one replacements for those included by ICM Holdings. The parts included from Quickboost have three, equal length gun barrels plus one elongated gun barrel per side. Quickboost provides a few extra barrels... just in case. The wing guns had a staggered set-up with the center weapon positioned forward o-f the other two weapons. Be advised that the wing inserts are left and right handed an that piece as well as the longer gun barrel may benefit from some judicious sanding to fit properly.

The propeller reduction casings are crispy molded and a joy to view and assemble. The molding of this, as with the other after-market bits, is clear, crisp and provides the modeler with some additional detail that isn't molded into the kit supplied parts. Not that the multiple piece ICM parts don't exhibit nice detail but the resin bits from Quickboost are single pieces and do add some exquisite detail. Of the four aftermarket sets that are the subject of this reviews this is the only one with assembly instructions.

Quickboost also offers a gun turret (#48-950) and using it is simplicity itself. Just remove the pour stubs, put the three bits together and gently apply to your Invader model. If you're modeling an Invader with both upper and lower turrets you will need two of these as there is only one turret per package.

In addition to the aftermarket sets previously available from Quickboost these more recent sets will provided the modeler with some timely and lovely detailed bits for their 1/48th scale Invader. Which every version of ICM Holdings version you're building. I should also note that while Quickboost does cast a number of sets of their offerings they can be of limited quantity. It might be prudent to 'act now' if you wish to add these aftermarket bits to your Invader project.

My thanks to Quickboost and IPMS.USA for the review copies.


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