25 Pdr Ammo Set and No.27 Limber with Canvas Cover

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Company: Bronco Models - Website: Visit Site
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Designed to accompany the British 25-pdr field gun, the Type 27 ammunition limber carried 32 rounds of ammunition in 16 trays and was towed between the prime mover and the 25-pdr.

Bronco’s rendition of the Type 27 and associated ammo types is an excellent example of the limber in 1/35 scale. Finely molded in tan styrene with an ample fret of PE, the kit parts pack the modest box and seem overwhelming in number at first glance. Detail is crisp and seems accurate compared to limited online resources and other kit offerings of the Type 27.

The build, as would be expected with such a host of parts, is a bit slow and rather tedious at times. Assembly of the limber “box” requires some advanced skill and technique to tack, align, and secure a couple dozen tiny styrene and PE parts to form the ammo tray sockets or shelves. Assembly of the 16 trays goes rather quickly, but then bogs down a bit when assembling several sets of internal framework, each consisting of 6 pieces of styrene and PE. Despite the tedium, the effort still pays off with a very handsome scale replica superior in detail to others on the market.

Finishing of the kit simply consisted of a base coat of Model Master Acryl Green Drab, modulated with MM Acryl Olive Drab mixed with RAF Interior Green in varying tones. Homebrew oil washes were applied and followed by a filter consisting of MM Acryl Flat Clear with a couple of drops of the base coat color mix, with the overall concoction thinned 10/90 with distilled water.

Ammo tray and ammo painting was done with Alclad II (frames) and Model Master and Tamiya acrylics (frames, shells, and charges).

So, after a number of hours of sheer assembly tedium and blissfully-simple painting and weathering, the Type 27 limber and ammo graced the display case with a superb example of this part of the supporting cast for the 25-pdr. I RECOMMEND this to advanced modelers looking to bump-up their British WWII ammo limbers a notch.

Thanks to Dragon USA for the review sample and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to do this review.


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