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April 12, 2015
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Yugoslav G-6s
Base Kit
1/48 Bf-109G-6

Delta One has been producing some unique decals, especially for the Bf-109. So that means that I had to check them out. This particular sheet covers the Yugoslav Air Force Bf-109s in service from 1945-53.

This sheet comes in a ziplock baggie that contains an eight page booklet with history and line drawings for the subject aircraft. There is a little history on the 109 in Yugoslavia. There is also a brief description of each aircraft including the colors and historical use.

Decals are provided for six aircraft, four G-6 aircraft and two UMe-109, which is a version of the G-12. The profiles have both side views, top view and a partial bottom view. The aircraft are interesting with some unique paint schemes. The actual decals are on 3 x 3 inch sheet. They are printed in perfect register, thin and with good color saturation.

  • Aircraft 1 is a G-6, “White 3”, that is painted in RLM 75 over RLM 76 with markings in six positions and a red spinner.
  • Aircraft 2 is also a G-6, “White 15”, is painted in the standard RLM 74/75 over 76 with the German markings being overpainted. It also has a red spinner.
  • Aircraft 3, a G-6 is overall FS36231 on the upper surfaces and FS35450 on the lower portion.
  • Aircraft 4 is the most unique aircraft looking of the aircraft on the sheet. It has red brown (FS30049) spots over FS36231 over the FS35450 blue belly with either a blue or yellow spinner with a red spiral.
  • Aircraft 5 and 6 are virtually identical and are UMe-109s, the two seat G-12 with an Erla canopy on the rear cockpit.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Delta One and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can get yours directly from Delta One by contacting them at . Their website is not up and running just yet. Let them know you heard about it here.


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